An Introduction To Yogi Goddess, Emily King!

Emily King is a 200hr Yoga Teacher and former Ballerina. She is an ASANA BLUE Ambassador not only for her amazing Yoga prowess but because she embodies a beautiful soul, an amazing spirit and exudes personality, light and joy wherever she goes.

ASANA BLUE Founder, Pam Moorhouse, sat down with Emily to get the low down on her journey to Yoga.

Why do you practice yoga? 

Emily: The answer to this is actually quite simple, Yoga makes me feel safe, comfortable and empowered to be me - goofy giggles and all. 

When did you start Yoga and was there a specific event that prompted you to begin your journey? 

I rediscovered yoga at a pivotal moment in my life when I decided to stop professional Ballet, a career I aspired to have for over 20 years. The negative self-talk and lack of self-respect took over my emotional and physical wellbeing.

I vividly remember my first yoga class and recall a nervous, embarrassed young lady defining and identifying herself as a Ballerina. As time went on, I would delve so deeply into the practice of yoga, and meet such incredible people, it was a no-brainer when I learnt my favourite teacher was offering Yoga Teacher Training. 

What benefits have you experienced throughout your own journey? 

Oh, so many! In my time studying, performing and being a Ballerina I developed habits where self-love was non-existent. Through my yoga journey, I have melted away the negative thought patterns and have truly developed a sense of authentic self-love.

I am still working on letting go of perfectionism. Striving for perfection is impossible and exhausting. Through Asana practice I find myself giggling when I fall, smiling when I forget the name of a pose, or confuse my lefts and rights, and most importantly I am learning to let go of the unnecessary pressure to look, be or perform in a way that is not authentically me. 

What is your favourite Asana and why? 

I love handstands! These days, I am upside down more than I am the correct way up! The release of perfectionism and introduction of playfulness that I lacked in my ballet training and profession have been anchored through the handstand Asana. 

Do you have a favourite gesture, prayer or teaching you’d like to share with our YogaHUB community?

Favourite grounding mantra: "Show up, be seen, don't shrink." - Brene Brown. 

A powerful pranayama (breathing technique) to calm a racing mind - Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing):

    • Using your right hand, place your pointer finger and middle finger in between your eyebrows.
    • Use your thumb to block your right nostril, INHALE through your left nostril.
    • Use your ring finger and pinky finger to block your left nostril now, EXHALE through your right nostril.
    • Continue on: Inhale through the right, swap, exhale left, inhale left, swap, exhale right.
    • TIp: Always change after the inhale.

Learn More

Learn more about Emily on her Instagram page @emilyking_ or blog Be Moved 

You can find Emily teaching classes at the following studios, but be quick because her classes sell out!

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