Mindful Business

Photo by <a href="https://burst.shopify.com/@sarahpflugphoto?utm_campaign=photo_credit&amp;utm_content=Free+Stock+Photo+of+A+Pair+Of+Hands+Knitting+%E2%80%94+HD+Images&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=credit">Sarah Pflug</a> from <a href="https://burst.shopify.com/craft-diy?utm_campaign=photo_credit&amp;utm_content=Free+Stock+Photo+of+A+Pair+Of+Hands+Knitting+%E2%80%94+HD+Images&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=credit">Burst</a>Mindfulness for a better world is the core of our business, with aspirations for harmony, sustainability, humanitarianism, diversity and equality.
Asana Blue is socially responsible.

Yoga Mats & Slings

  • Proudly made in Australia
  • Made from 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber
  • Natural tree rubber is sourced outside Australia because all local products contain nasty unnatural products such as silicone, toxic glue, phthalates or PVCs.
  • Soft microfibre top is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • The ink used to colour our beautiful mats is a water-based dye, delivered in small amounts and transferred using heat and pressure. This is a clean print method as no washing is required
  • Yoga mat slings are made by hand in Australia from 100% recycled cotton.

At the end of your mats - very long - life

  • The natural tree rubber base is biodegradable. You can repurpose your mat in the garden bed to deter weed growth or cut it into smaller sections to speed up the slow breakdown of this natural material. 
  • The micro-fibre top is made from recycled plastic bottles and can be recycled for a third time again with other soft plastics

We live and breath our business aspirations

  • Our team are powered by love, compassion and coffee....but always in a reusable cup
  • Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard
  • We refuse single use plastics and where absolutely necessary we recycle and up cycle
  • Our preferred delivery partner is Sendle, Australia's first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. 
    If you consider yourself a yogi, a modern day ‘hippy’, a humanitarian, an eco-warrior; an empathetic, humble, stylish person who values quality and longevity above fast fashion...then ASANA BLUE is right for you.